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  We provide Consultation on Designing and Planning for small and large scale projects along with consultant coordination; providing ideas and solutions for any specialized project.  
  Design Development  
  Schematic Design. Design Projects encompaces Urban Design and Community Planning, Recreational, Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Institutional and Religious Architecture.  
  Residential Architecture, Remodeling & Improvement  
  Rafaela Landron’s Residential Architecture ranges from single family and multifamily projects for one or multiple levels.  The Residential Land Development projects stretches to a variety of projects for single homes and apartment buildings.  We provide solutions for Residential Remodeling, Commercial Remodeling, and Home Improvements.  
  Land Development, Recreation and Hospitality Design  
  Rafaela Landron’s work on Recreational and Hospitality Design Development has been her main interest for international work with high end Health Clubs, Aesthetic Center, and Hotels with exotic amenities.  
  Construction Documents & Construction Calculations  
  A full set for Permit Submittal includes Construction Documents (blueprint), Structural Engineer Calculations and Title 24 (Energy Compliance) Calculations.  Permit Submittal, and Elaboration of a full set of Construction Documents for Regulatory Approvals.  
  Specialized Projects  

Though continuing to do Nationally and International projects, Rafaela Landron enjoys to work on specialized projects that involve Innovative Design in both public and private sector.

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